Welcome to Monster Smiles!

Who Am I?

My name is Joe and I am 14 years old. With the help of my family, I started Monster Smiles as a way to be a role model to others, inspiring random acts of kindness, creating smiles and raising awareness of Crohn's Disease.

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How We Started

I go to Perth Children's Hospital a lot because I have the aggressive kind of Crohn's Disease. The hospital isn't fun but the staff and volunteers that I have met there are amazing! They are kind, selfless, and dedicated to helping children like me and their caregivers. They are very inspiring to me.

After a big operation, I stayed in hospital for quite a long time. I laid in my bed thinking WHAT can I do to help others? Everyone there had made my journey so much easier, and I wanted to do the same for others going through hard times. I thought the things I could do were limited, however, I knew there must be SOMETHING!

I wanted to start something MEANINGFUL, LONG LASTING, POSITIVE, FUN AND COLOURFUL for everyone, not just children. But most importantly it had to bring a SMILE to someone’s face. For weeks I was stuck on this idea.

The Idea

During my hospital stay, my pillow became more and more uncomfortable. I had been lying in that bed for waaaaay too long. I kept moving positions and fluffing my pillow. Then I stopped and had a long, hard look at the pillow. 

A PILLOWCASE! A SOFT, COLOURFUL, AND FUN PILLOWCASE! "That's what I am going to do!" I told myself. 

I told my parents about my idea to make pillowcases with big monstrous smiles on them to inspire smiles and positivity. Mum and dad were very supportive, and with their encouragement we started to plan HOW I was going to tackle what seemed like an impossible task for a 13-year-old. 

The Process

They helped me contact a graphic artist and a textile manufacturer to create my design. I wanted as many pillowcases as possible to spread as many 'monster-ous' smiles as I could. With all my pocket money savings I  purchased the initial pillowcases, and my parents made up the difference. 

The pillowcases are 100% brushed microfibre. The material is super soft. They are individually packaged in a PVC packet with my fun Monster Smiles sticker on the front which makes them perfect gifts.

Monster Smiles Today

I donate Monster Smiles pillowcases to hospitals all over Australia, to the Post Op and General Wards. They are given to patients by the staff and volunteers and I love adding more Hospitals to the growing list. I also donate Monster Smiles pillowcases to schools. The pillowcases are awarded to students at assemblies 'Kindness Awards,’ for positive role models within the school. 

Even though Monster Smiles is a registered business, most of my profits go into MORE pillowcases so that I can continue donating pillowcases and creating smiles. It is magical to know that Monster Smiles can touch so many people and create so much positivity. 

Pillowcases are $19.95 in the online shop, including postage to anywhere within Australia. Your purchase helps me to continue what I am doing and I really appreciate the support. They make wonderful presents and I can even post directly to the person you would like to surprise with a handwritten note. 

Thank you for visiting my website! If you know anyone that could use a 'monster-ous' smile please email me at monstersmiles@ozemail.com.au and I might just be able to help!

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Monster Hugs!